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What is a study association?

In Utrecht there are many options for students who want to get involved with extracurricular activities or get in contact with other students. You can join a student association (stedentenvereniging), a sports club or an association for international students. Most studies also have an association that focuses solely on the students of that particular study, like the UHSK for history students.


A lot of poeple join a study association for discount on the books, since the annual membership fee is lower than the total discount received on studybooks. In the section 'Why becoma a member' you can view some of the profits that come with UHSK membership.


Besides the practical reasons for joining a study association there are also reasons of a more social nature. Study associations organize a lot of different activities interesting for history students. Some more serious or study related activities than others. The overview of committees can offer you an idea of what a study association like the UHSK does for its members. You can join other students at a symposium on a historical subject, a visit to a museum, a football competition or at the weekly drinks.


Most associations have a room somewhere in Utrecht (depending on where teh affiliated study is mostly located). The UHSK room is located at Drift 21, room 1.06 and makes for a great place to hang out between lectures and/or seminars. Do you have questions about the study, student life, the city of Utrecht or just questions about life in general? There are a lot of students at the association with experience on courses, student housing, etc. who are willing to answer quuestions and there is alsway free coffee available at the associations room.


Have you got a passion for organizing events? Join one of the many committees! Study associations consist of a board and several committees to organize different events throughout the year. At the beginning of each college year you can sign up for committees. At the UHSK there is a lot to choose from, since there are 22 committees at the moment.

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Announcement Teacher Award 2018

Last week, the winners of the Teacher Awards were announced at the annual Education Fair of Utrecht University. Out of seventeen proposed candidates, dr. Saskia Stevens was one of the three nominees. Unfortunately she did not win the award, but we would still like to congratulate her on this excellent achievement. For us, she is definitely the winner! Why do we think this? You can see that by watching this video we made.

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