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Membership discounts

The UHSK member card offers several discounts. Besides the popular discount on textbooks we offer a wide selection of discounts in Utrecht. Keep an eye on our website for new deals! 

Below you can see the places in Utrecht where you are offered a discount with the UHSK member card.


Discount in Utrecht

Click here for a map where you see where the companies are located.


A: Dress Me Clothing 
Singeldwarsstraat 40
Members get a 10% discount on printing their committee outfit.


B: Café de Vingerhoed

Donkere Gaard 11

Every wednesday the following products are offered with a discount: 

- Beer: €2,00 instead of €2,50

- Wine: €2,50 instead of €3,50

- Special beers on draft: €3,00 instead of the usual price (differs per brand)

- Meal of the day: €10,00 instead of €12,00


C: Bike repair shop de Neude Bike

Predikherenstraat 23

Members get a 10% discount on bike repair.


D: Schoenmakerij het Twijntje
Twijnstraat 11

Members get a 15% discount. 


E: Office store Lorjé
Neude 10
Members get a 10% discount. 


F: Poolcafé 't Hart:
Ganzenmarkt 16B
- Members can pool and drink for three hours for €15,00
- The arrangement only applies for reservations for at least six persons
- On weekdays no reservations will be taken after 21.00
- During the weekends no reservations will be taken after 19.00
- During the weekends the final time to begin is 19.00 
- Drinks can be ordered at the bar until 15 minutes before the end of the arrangement


G: Bar Beton

Korte Jansstraat 17 -19

Members get a 10% discount at Bar Beton Café.


I: Bemmy's

Voorstaat 75-A

Members get a 10% discount on all sandwiches, except on the sandwich of the day. 


Tall Tech

Members get a €20,- discount on a full laptop repair. Instead of €50,- this will cost you only €30,-.


Discount on course books

As a member of the Utrecht History Study Society, you can order course books via the UHSK at a discount rate. Another benefit of this is that your books will have been verified, so you can rest assured that you are getting the right edition. As we buy the books collectively, we can offer a generous discount. 


Click here to order your books!


Please note: The account that you use to log in to the UHSK website is not the same account that you use to log in to the web shop. They are two separate accounts.


If you have any questions about the sale of books, you can contact us at any time via info@uhsk.nl.

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Last week, the winners of the Teacher Awards were announced at the annual Education Fair of Utrecht University. Out of seventeen proposed candidates, dr. Saskia Stevens was one of the three nominees. Unfortunately she did not win the award, but we would still like to congratulate her on this excellent achievement. For us, she is definitely the winner! Why do we think this? You can see that by watching this video we made.

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