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Why Utrecht?

Why Utrecht? Many visitors to our open days ask us this question. Well, for a start, maybe you could be tempted by the Shanghai Rankings or the Times Higher Education Ranking, which for many years have proclaimed Utrecht University to be the best university in the Netherlands. This is primarily due to the internationally oriented education offered at UU and the stringent quality requirements to which the teaching and research is subjected. Utrecht University also offers a sizeable range of Master's programmes. In addition, Dutch professors rate UU as the number one university in the Netherlands. Students participating in the National Student Survey awarded UU a score of 3.91 out of 5.


Another reason to study in Utrecht is the student accommodation. Work is in progress to expand the range of accommodation in Utrecht and make it fairer. A recent example of these efforts is the Stars student complex, completed in the summer of 2013 and consisting of nearly 700 new rooms. With a bit of detective work, you should be able to find accommodation within three months. For those who are unable to find a place straight away, Utrecht has an extremely central and convenient location in the Netherlands.


In addition to its practicality and facilities, Utrecht also has a fantastic student culture. With over 60,000 students, you can guarantee that there is always something going on in Utrecht, be it a concert, a party or a cultural activity. You can find a multitude of indoor and outdoor bars throughout the whole of Utrecht. There is also a diverse range of excellent restaurants. Utrecht also has numerous cinemas that cater to both mainstream and niche cultural markets. You can also find countless places where you can sing, dance and socialise.

Latest news

Announcement Teacher Award 2018

Last week, the winners of the Teacher Awards were announced at the annual Education Fair of Utrecht University. Out of seventeen proposed candidates, dr. Saskia Stevens was one of the three nominees. Unfortunately she did not win the award, but we would still like to congratulate her on this excellent achievement. For us, she is definitely the winner! Why do we think this? You can see that by watching this video we made.

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