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On September 13, 2017 the 92nd Board of the Utrechtse Historische Studentenkring was accepted by the General Assembly. Subject to the restrictions according to the statutes, the board is entrusted with the management of the association. This includes contact with committees, financial management and making conclusive agreements and decisions. The board is assisted by the Senate which may give advice, and the financial committee, which monitors the financial management of the association. The board represents the association towards the department, other associations and the SVO, VIDIUS and SGN. The board is accountable to the General Assembly.


The 92nd board of the Utrechtse Historische Studentenkring:



Esther Martens has, as chair of the association, the final responsible for all matters concerning the UHSK. She also presides over the General Meeting, leads the steeringgroup and the chair consultations. In addition, she also maintains the contact with SVO.


Bram Benthem is, as secretary. responsible for all the incoming and outgoing mail of the association. Additionally, he prepares the minutes of the General Meetings, the steeringgroups and the chairman consultations. He also has the final say on what does and does not go into the archive. 


Timo Houtemaker, treasurer, is responsible for the financial administration and management of the association and keeps track of the funds. Moreover, he keeps track of the financial management of all the committees and activities.


Mayte Beekman is, as Commissioner of Education, the contact person fot the department. She is also responsible for study-related matters such as taster days, course panels, exam training and education about internships or educational innovations. 


Luke de Bruijn is, as Internal Affairs, responsible for internal activities, such as the hitch hiking competition and the christmas fair. In addition he manages the website and the sales of study books. The annual celebration of the associations birthday, dies natalis, is also his responsibility. 


Kelly Hogervorst maintains, as External Affairs, contact with bodies such as SGN, ISHA, VIDIUS and other study associations. She also organizes the department trip and is responsible  for the book fund. 


Latest news

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Last week, the winners of the Teacher Awards were announced at the annual Education Fair of Utrecht University. Out of seventeen proposed candidates, dr. Saskia Stevens was one of the three nominees. Unfortunately she did not win the award, but we would still like to congratulate her on this excellent achievement. For us, she is definitely the winner! Why do we think this? You can see that by watching this video we made.

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