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UHSK: Couchsurfing

datum: 28-09-2017

Dear members,


As many of you already know, the UHSK has started a project this year called ‘UHSK-Couchsurfing’. With this project, the UHSK tries to help members without a room in Utrecht to nightly UHSK-activities, like the Fecoparties. Members without a place to stay in Utrecht can contact us via e-mail where after we post a message in a closed Facebookgroup with all people who offer a couch to sleep on.

The project is going well and we’ve already managed to find a sleeping spot for some people. However, we are still looking for more people who would like to offer a place to stay from time to time to roomless fellow UHSK-members. Your participation is completely non-binding, which means you are free of obligations. The only thing we do is put you in a closed Facebookgroup and contact you when there’s someone looking for a place to stay. Are you that good Samaritan and would you like to help your fellow UHSK-members to a place to sleep? Then send an e-mail to info@uhsk.nl so we can put you in the Couchsurfing-Facebookgroup.


Much love,


The board

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