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UHSK: Couchsurfing

datum: 28-09-2017

Dear members,


As many of you already know, the UHSK has started a project this year called ‘UHSK-Couchsurfing’. With this project, the UHSK tries to help members without a room in Utrecht to nightly UHSK-activities, like the Fecoparties. Members without a place to stay in Utrecht can contact us via e-mail where after we post a message in a closed Facebookgroup with all people who offer a couch to sleep on.

The project is going well and we’ve already managed to find a sleeping spot for some people. However, we are still looking for more people who would like to offer a place to stay from time to time to roomless fellow UHSK-members. Your participation is completely non-binding, which means you are free of obligations. The only thing we do is put you in a closed Facebookgroup and contact you when there’s someone looking for a place to stay. Are you that good Samaritan and would you like to help your fellow UHSK-members to a place to sleep? Then send an e-mail to info@uhsk.nl so we can put you in the Couchsurfing-Facebookgroup.


Much love,


The board

News overview

UHSK: Coachproject 2017-2018

After the succes of last years' pilot, the UHSK: Coachproject will return again this year. With the Coahcproject, you will be linked to an alumnus of your choice of whom you can get advice about carreer perspectives, internships and choices in your study. The Coachproject will be kicked off on 30 september with a meeting with all the coaches and students. Aftter this meeting you are ment to arrange meetings with your coach on your own innitiative. Later this year we will have another meeting with all the coaches and students, where we will evaluatie the progress made with each couple. At the end of the year we will organize a last meeting where we will close this years' Coachproject. During the year, the Alumnicommittee will also inquire a few times about the progress made so far by e-mail. 

Does this sound like a usefull project to you? Then e-mail to alumnicommissie.uhsk@gmail.com before 20 Septembre with your first, second and third preference, so you can be placed with a coach of your choice. It is important you can be present at the first meeting at 30 Septembre. If you are unable to come to this meeting, please let us know in your application. The list of possible coaches can be found below!

-       Leen Dorsman, Director History and Art History UU
- Robert Visscher, Journalist Trouw
- Enno Maessen, doctoral candidate historical geography and city history UvA
- Erika Hokke, keeper of records 
- Lejon Saarloos, doctoral candidate Universiteit Leiden
- Titia van der Maas, projectleader Azië en Afrikastudies
- Cor Flach, consultant education, welfare, art
- Willemijn van der Toorn,staff member ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Ingrid Nijsink, strategic purchaser Rijkswaterstaat
- Eric Jan Pouw, commercial and public sector
- Claudia Aldenkamp, advisor communication IT-section UU
- Peter Stemerdink, advisor practical learning
- Ruud Verschuur, councillor Adviesraad voor wetenschap, technologie en innovatie
- Paul Graas, advisor social managing 
- Wim Aalderink, town of Winterswijk
- Marijn Smeets, educationmanager UU
- Frank Kampers, secondary education
- Olav Albers, secondary education
- Stefan Vuurens, studyadvisor Humanities UU
- Bob Bouhuis, secondary/higher education
- Hester Holtland, projectmanager sustainability in financial sector
- Resy Leuverink, senior advisor government
- Els Hintzen, teacher, CITO, coach coming teachers
- Marjo Barthels, keeper of records, inspector Utrechts Archief
- Carel Jansen, businesscontroller province Utrecht
- Simone de Kruijk, principal
- Loes Donkers, teacher English
- Matthijs Blatter, traffic producer 
- Dirk van der Veen, secondary Education
- Pauline Pijl, ABN AMRO

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